Drukkerij van Alles

uring the spring break of 2017, De Taartrovers opened their own printing shop in EYE Film Museum: De Drukkerij van Alles. Here you can get started to make a good book of all your stories. We also watch funny short films from the EYE collection.

De drukkerij van Alles

The printing shop is for large & small, whether you are 2 or 12, you can go there with stamps, a press, wooden pens, rollers and punching. Fill the sheets of paper with your imagination and hang them to dry on the line. Is your story finished? Tie your book together with a golden ring or yarn. Or make a flipbook, a film and a book.

films from the collection

Before you start in the printing office, look for beautiful, funny short animated films from the collection of the film museum. You can also watch movies when you're done. What do you think of a dog who becomes best friends with his own tail? Or of Dodu, the boy of cardboard, who with his friend experiences the ladybug crazy adventures? If you look closely, you will have beautiful pictures and stories for your book!