Fantastische Focaccia at Into The Great Wide Open

In the first weekend of September 2018, De Taartrovers opened a Fantastic Focacceria on Vlieland! During Into The Great Wide Open we baked this delicious Italian delicacy.

Focaccia comes from Italy and looks like pizza, but is softer and thicker and secretly much tastier! Especially for Into The Great Wide Open, we created focaccia's with flavors of the island and overseas. For example, we baked sugar bread focaccia, focaccia seaweed / sea salt, french-fries-focaccia, but also a focaccia Margherita with Frisian cheese and Dutch tomatoes.

Our focacceria is a cheerful family kitchen and there is always something to do. The visitors of ITGWO are waiting in rows for the freshly baked focaccia.

The Taartrovers could therefore use all help. All children (from 6 years) could lend a hand: a spot behind the bar, a position at our marketing department, assistance in serving up the focaccia, assisting in the kitchen, scrubbing the floors and doing the dishes, announcing the menu or nicely dressing up the bar and the tables.