Taartrovers Keet in LolaLik

In Lolalik we built the Taartrovers Keet. Here you can watch movies, play with film, eat, bake and brew lemonades. In december 2017 LolaLik has closed its doors, which means we had to say goodbye to our lovely Keet.

Tasty smells, beautiful colors, fun and comfort come together in the homemade cakes, tea and lemonades of the Taartrovers. The Taartrovers open a cake bakery and tea and lemonade cafĂ© in the Taartrovers Keet in the courtyard of Lolalik, run together with children and supported by adults in and around the AZC All tea, cakes and lemonades are made with original Taartrovers recipes and the ideas of children and (neighborhood) residents of the AZC. It is a teahouse, surrounded by herbal gardens, an oasis in the gray stone of the former Bijlmer Bajes. The cakes and spices spread delicious smells, it is a simple but also attractive place. All people (residents, users, visitors) can sit and enjoy what they can do themselves, but they can also help in our herb and flower garden, the kitchen or plating up our delicious foods. 

On Wednesday and on the evenings of the Bijlmerbajes Bios we will play with film and imagination with our Children's Film Lab. Children (3+) come to watch a movie in the Keet and are inspired, of course along with a nice snack and drink.