29 april - 5 may 2019
Festival Amsterdam


Eye Filmmuseum
ijpromenade 1
1031 kt Amsterdam

come and explore with us

In may you can visit Taartrover Film Festival in Eye filmmuseum. Everyone who has a ticket for one of the Taartrovers movies can also play in the playground of imagination.

In this playground they will aproach film in a playful way. They will not only do this with their eyes, but with all their senses. They will experiment with light light darkness, with colour and shapes and they can mess around with sand and water.

They can combine sound with images, and the other way around, will be possible in the Soundhouse. They will create their own filmset or play in their own movie in a mini-theatre. And naturally, the kids will bake a cake, because cake is an important part of a party!

Check out our filmprogramme and keep an eye on the website of Eye Filmmuseum for the ticket sale.